As a consultant you will meet lots of people, this is good as you need to build connections to find customers. You want to have a process to take people from “Interesting person I just shared a cup of tea with” to “Qualified buyer” to “Customer”.

One key part of that should be an effort to disqualify people who would for some reason be a good fit for your business. I want to create a set of Yes/No questions that I can use for this. I am calling this the Insta-Boing Checklist. The basic idea is that I will ask the client a series of questions, (or otherwise find out via research) and if there are any questions for which the client has a NO they are instantly disqualified.

The other point is this is about the company/person not the work. So if someone came to me and said “Please Build me this VR Mobile App” I would say no, because I don’t build VR Mobile apps, even if they were a long time favorite client.

In some cases the question may be inverted, so you want a no, but the idea still stands.

Possible Questions

  • Do they have more that 5 employees
  • Do they see to know what they want
  • Have they had issues with paying bills
  • Do they work in a problem industry (Example Binary Options) - Should be No
  • Client wants to argue over every dime
  • Client asks you to work for equity and not cash
  • Client asks for a free project for your portfolio
  • Client is rude or disrespectful
  • Crazy time tables (Project has not started but must ship in 3 days!)

There are probably a number of other questions to ask, and they will be different for each firm.

What are your insta-boing questions? Leave them in the comments