The momentum that Elm has built over the last year is amazing. The community has built and deployed some apps that have grown to good size. But I think there is one gap that we still need to cross. It seems a large percentage of the talks on Elm are of the type “This is Elm and this is why it is amazing”. Now those talks are great and we need them.

But what we really are also talks that are aimed at experienced Elm users. Richard Feldman’s talk “Making Impossible States Impossible” is a great example of this. Richard assumes that his audience already knows Elm and takes them on a journey to show them how do it better.

The problem is that the number of venues for giving this kind of talk is smaller. You could do it at Elm-Conf, or CodeMesh or Lambda Jam or the like.

So please consider doing a talk like this if you have a place to do it. And leave a comment with topics that might be useful and conferences that might welcome it.