Hey its Sunday Morning again and I sitting with my laptop on the train from Be’er Sheva to Tel Aviv. So it must be time for the Package of the week. Today’s package is Material Design Components for Elm AKA elm-mdl by Søren Debois. As I write this the current version of the package is 7.6.0 , so it is clearly a package that is being well looked after. You can also find a demo of many of the features on the creator’s web site.

This is a package that you can use to make your app look great. It is based on work done at Google, so the UX you can build with it is quite good.

The MDL package provides a wide range of modules for your ux needs. If you might need it in a SAAS app you will probably find it there. The author has also kindly added demos of all the components with code so you adapt them to your needs and understand how they work.

Note that some of the modules do require extra CSS to work correctly. The documentation page lists those.

I am working on some things right now, in prior apps I have used bootstrap, I think my next few projects will use Elm-mdl

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