I think some of my frustration with Haskell is this, it is a HUGE Eco system and not everything is well named (A trait shared by a large number of other languages). There are a lot of useful tools out there that make life easier for a haskell developer, but often you don’t know to look for them.

Operators Glossary

This one is great, if you suddenly see =*=> in some code and have no idea where it is defined or what it does this is your friend!

Haskell Stack

Stack is a tool by FP Complete for building haskell. It is pretty complete.

Emacs intero-mode

A very cool looking mode for working with haskell in emacs! I generally like it but it does tend to break if it can’t compile stuff correctly. Still in all very useful mode.

I have found intero to be very fragle


This is a very cool library for building and consuming RESTful apis. It kind of reminds me of Erlang’s Webmachine in that it really is focused on that one problem (even if it does it very differently)


OK this one I did know about, Michael is a friend of mine, but others might not. Yesod is a very nice web framework based on a MVC pattern that leverages haskell’s types in pretty smart way

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